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NO CONTRACTS! If you're not satisfied with our collaboration, you can terminate it anytime.

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Stay trendy with online payments.

Since 2011, we’ve been collaborating with over 2,800 fitness centers across 13 countries. Our statistics show that last year, more than 75% of customers wanted to pay online.

Allow your customers to pay in the manner they’re accustomed to in modern life.

With just a tap on their mobile device, they can pay for their membership with you using Visa and MasterCard, GooglePay, ApplePay, and AliPay wallets, or quickly through PayPal.

Take a look at a sample checkout page

🔒 We process all payments through secure payment gateways, Stripe and PayPal.

*ŽIADNÉ ZMLUVY! Ak sa vám spolupráca nebude páčiť, ukončiť ju môžete kedykoľvek.

We'll bring back LOST CUSTOMERS for you

Every customer provides their email during payment. You don’t need to be marketing experts. Our copywriters will craft non-intrusive yet persuasive emails for your customers to encourage their return to you.

  • If a customer leaves, after 3 months from their last payment, we’ll send them a reminder.
  • After 6 months of inactivity, we’ll send them a 10% discount code

Simple Collaboration

  1. Register your Fitness Center with Fitliner.
  2. We’ll create a page for your customers. For example, like
  3. After each payment, we’ll send an invoice to your customer’s email with our billing details.
  4. We’ll forward the payment to your PayPal (you don’t need to invoice us anything).
  5. You and your employees will see all transactions in a shared Excel spreadsheet.

Use UpSell

Do you offer additional services?

After each online payment, offer your customers the opportunity to upgrade their order, for example, by adding sauna access, tanning beds, or massages at a discounted price

Don’t have anything to offer as an UpSell?

Offer our 24/7 online support at to your customers. We’ll pay you an instant 50% commission

Don't fight with the COMPETITION

Register with Fitliner first. Then, register your competition with FITLINER using your affiliate link and PROFIT FROM THEM EVERY MONTH

Register Your Fitness Center with Fitliner

Let’s start with the settings. You’ll be able to change them in the future

Remember that registration doesn’t commit you to anything.
If you’re not satisfied with the collaboration, you can always revert to the old ways.


All payments are recorded clearly and immediately after payment in a shared Excel spreadsheet. Based on the payments, you can extend memberships for your customers in your system.

We process all payments through secure payment gateways PayPal and Stripe, which send money directly to your PayPal account. Stripe pays out the sum of payments once every 4 days. Our automated system forwards these payments to you immediately.

“In order to operate this fantastic platform, we need to charge a fee. We take a 10% service fee from each transaction. This fee includes accounting costs, taxes, payment gateway fees, etc. Simply put, we’ll pay you 90% of the total revenue as commission to your PayPal account.

Simply put, if you’re not satisfied with the collaboration, you just won’t provide the payment page to your customers and you’ll revert to your old ways.

We believe that, like 100% of our customers, you’ll never leave us.

Automate your fitness center

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